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At Godlike SEO, we really get what it takes to give the local businesses that work with us in Birmingham the platform to increase their online exposure and generate more sales. We put the wheels in motion the minute you enquire with us to ensure that we do everything to increase your brand awareness with consumers and increase organic traffic.

It is vital that as a business owner in Birmingham, you have a well established digital marketing agency who can deliver the results you need to see from a successful SEO campaign.

Our team based in Birmingham will be able to put the strategy in place to ensure that you receive more business enquiries through Google and ultimately create a resonating brand that will generate its own work to stand the test of time.

What We Do

How We Help Transform Birmingham Based Businesses Through Our SEO Services

Digital marketing and SEO is in our blood. Getting your business to page 1 is what we do best and our track record speaks for itself. We use the key SEO strategies to help catapult your Birmingham business right to the very top.

On Page SEO

We ensure that your local Birmingham landing pages are optimised to ensure you rank for the local keywords you need to. 

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO experts will ensure that your business website performs in a way that is search engine and user friendly.

Competitor Analysis

Our approach to competitor analyses means we can find ways to match and outperform the top performers through our proven SEO strategy.

Content Optimisation

We use the best and proven content optimisation tools to ensure that you can rank your right pages for the relevant Birmingham keywords.

Link Building

Link building is key to any digital marketing and SEO campaign. To get to page 1, quality link building is essential to any SEO strategy.

Monthly Reporting

Monitor the progress of our search engine optimisation work and compare the results of our work with the return on investment.

Professional Digital Marketing in Birmingham

If you have a local website and are in need of search engine optimisation services in Birmingham, then look no further. We have the resources and the expertise to drive your SEO campaign in a direction that is positive for your business.

We have worked with local businesses in Birmingham both big and small and know what it takes to help push every client we work with up the Google search results. No matter how competitive your industry may be, our long term success proves that we know what is needed to help push ranking position.

Our Birmingham SEO team do more than push rankings. As important as it is to ensure that you are in a position to rank for your main phrases, it is equally if not more important to ensure that you are establishing a brand within your particular industry.

“We have seen some absolutely incredible jumps since working with Godlike SEO. Their attention to detail with our campaign really speaks volumes when comparing to our ROI” 

How do Our Birmingham SEO Experts work?

We Combine Our Technical SEO Skills & Creativity To Help Drive Our Clients Forward

We are highly experienced when it comes to search engine optimisation in Birmingham and we understand the key processes that are needed to help convert strangers into paying customers. It is our comprehensive approach to SEO and branding that ensure we maintain our continued success for our clients.

Happy Workplace

Our team of happy and enthusiastic individuals make it look easy. We take the ultimate pride in our client success and this is what makes our team so hungry for results.

Supreme Knowledge

When it comes to our SEO services, we are one of the best. We keep our fingers on the pulses with the latest industry updates to ensure you have access to the very best work.

The Sky Is The Limit

There is really no cap when it comes to what we can achieve with your SEO campaign. Our SEO agency is built on the partnerships we establish with ambitious clients.

Results Driven Campaigns

Our decisions are based on the results we achieve from a strategic avenue. We see results opportunities, we will ensure to position your campaign where the key opportunities lie.

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Meet Our Birmingham Team

Our SEO Birmingham team are on hand to answer any questions you may have with regards to your online business or website. We have significant SEO & digital marketing experience and can help point you in the right direction.

Matthew Stewart

Head of SEO

David Stempski

Creative Director

Rebecca Shields

Chief Content Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key part of any marketing strategy. Our SEO services ensure that you have every single resource needed to rank positively and increase organic traffic.

SEO is the process of optimising a website in order to help enhance the visibility of a business in the search results. The process of SEO is crucial due to the fact that most internet traffic still comes via organic avenues.

At Godlike SEO, we understand the theory and execution behind delivering tangible results that translate into generating more exposure and revenue for your business. 

When it comes to choosing an SEO agency in Birmingham, it is vital that you go with an agency that you know will deliver results. Ensuring that you are visible in the search engines is vital and getting your SEO strategy right is vital for any modern-day website.

You are basically throwing away business if your website is not visible in Google and as people become more reliant on Google, having a well-optimised website is vital.

Godlike SEO agency Birmingham will ensure that you have the strategy in place to continue to grow your organic presence in Google as well as build your brand in a way that will bring in its own business.

At Godlike SEO, we understand that it can take up to 3 months before you begin to see any movements towards the top of Google.

As it can take a couple of months before you begin to see actual movements of rankings, we try to deliver as many quick wins as we can to ensure that you can see some sort of progression with your campaign.

When you enquire about our SEO services, we will make all of this clear to you and if there are opportunities that we can find through Social Media or other sales avenues, then we will look to take advantage of this too.  

You can check out our free SEO audit too that will provide you with more accurate predictions as to where your website will be in relation to your budget.

We craft fully bespoke marketing packages for your website as every case is different. We are an SEO agency that will not just do work for the sake of it. Our work is dictated by our SEO strategy and we never go in blind for any website we work on.

Whether you are operating in multiple cities as well as Birmingham or just operate out of the second city, we have a variety of bespoke packages that are suitable for a range of clients. Whether it is a web design, link building or on-page SEO, all of the ingredients that go into an SEO campaign will be discussed over a phone call and we can build from there.

Godlike SEO is an SEO agency that cares and we always look to deliver as much value as we can for every client that enquires.

As well as SEO services and helping you become more visible in the search results, we offer other services that can help your website get some more exposure. As it can often be a long term investment when looking to get your website more organic visibility in the search engines, we offer a variety of other services to accommodate.

Whether it is social media automation, email marketing, sales systems, web design, our specialist team at Godlike SEO will ensure that you have all of the necessary recommendations where you can get the most immediate wins.

There is a multitude of channels that can get your website additional traffic and we are here to give you all of the tools to help your business succeed. As focused as we are on SEO, we try to provide as much value wherever we can.

At Godlike SEO, your campaign manager will help with the management of any local SEO or general performance reports that need to be provided.

Our approach is to ensure that we remain transparent throughout the entire campaign and our reporting systems help us to achieve this.

Getting you to the top page of Google is paramount but ensuring the journey is documented and any key development points are monitored will help us get a better understanding of what it is you are after.

Any more questions? Give us a call on 0121 751 5220 or book a consultation with a member of our team. 


What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

Our SEO Agency Birmingham team really thrive from the positive feedback from our clients. Nothing beats a successful SEO campaign and a happy client. See what they have had to say about our Godlike SEO team.

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We have worked with a number of awesome businesses that have given us the licence to push their brands positively. Godlike SEO is dedicated to working hand in hand with businesses willing to collaborate and share ideas. 

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Ready To Transform Your Business?

Speak To One Of Our Team & Let's Get Started...

We have worked with a number of awesome businesses that have given us the licence to push their brands positively. Godlike SEO is dedicated to working hand in hand with businesses willing to collaborate and share ideas. 

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Colmore Gate, 2-6 Colmore Road, Birmingham, England, B32QD

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